Why (not) blog?

When I started this blog I made no promise to myself about posting at regular interval;s. I certainly don't have Sunshine's excuse for sparse blogging. Some writers have enough to say, but even Jay Greene blogs about movies once in a while. I take a lot of time to accumulate material. Some writers can spin joy and love out of everyday events. I do not have the skill with words of the Anchoress or the Headmistress at the Common Room, who has been following the FLDS versus Texas CPS matter, with links and insifghtful, compassionate commentary. Some writers take the easy way out, and offer hostile theater. This sells, as anyone with a television knows. Viewers will watch car chases, explosions, and gunfire. The blog equivalent is name-calling and relentless hostility: "Did you see what those idiots are up to now?" With a target like the Hawaii Department of Education, that would be easy to do, but I did not, and still do not, want to hypnotize myself into reflexive hostility. Everything we do is practice, and relentless hostility is bad practice.

The HSTA sent me a candidate questionnaire, post-marked 25-July-2008 and due 27-July-2008. I did not send it back. I'll write about it tomorrow, maybe. Maybe I'll finally finish a review of Enlow and Ealy, eds., Learning and Liberty: Milton Friedman's Voucher Idea at 50 (Cato,2006).

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