Palin in '12

Whitney Tilson, normally sensible, supports Barack Obama. Maybe she's right. Were it not for Governor Palin in the Republican VP slot, I would burn my ballot and vote for the Libertarian, Bob Barr. The major parties have never in my adult life (that is, since 1968) offered voters such unqualified candidates for President. Neither candidate demonstrates any appreciation for federalism or the market economy. Senator Obama has no accomplishments worth a mention. His record on Education issues consists of shoveling Annenberg Foundation money to State-worshipful indoctrination programs. He advocates compulsory community service (i.e., slavery) as a HS graduation requirement and high-paid ($4000 for 100 hours), do-nothing community service in exchange for college tuition. Senator McCain's signal accomplishment, the McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection and Kiss Your First Amendment Rights Goodbye Act, should disqualify him from all elective office were the Democrats' alternative not ever worse. Senator Biden exhibits a detachment from reality (did you watch the debate?) that must cause one to question the sanity of the Delaware electorate. I mean:...Article I describes the powers of the Executive branch and gives the Vice President no legislative authority? Really? Did this man ever read the document he has repeatedly sworn to uphold and defend?

Governor Palin got my vote with her convention speech, accepting the nomination for Vice President. She did much better than Senator Biden in the debate (others disagree, here). She takes too conventional a line on on education issues, but McCain's advisor (Lisa Kegan) trumps that consideration.

Bill Gates bought me a beer, so I bloged about the Ed in '08 Education bloggers' summit. The goal of the summit was to raise Education issues to prominence. That has not happened. It seems the media avoid all topics which might incline voters toward Republican candidates this year.


mazenko said...

If Governor Palin "got your vote" with her speech at the convention, isn't that much the same as all the criticism of Obama - that he is just an effective speaker?

While I will admit it was an engaging speech, there are far too many qualified conservative legislators and leaders to hope that Palin becomes the frontrunner for her party in 2008.

Why not someone like Jeff Flake of Arizona, John Shimkus of Illinois, or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Heck, I'd say go with Newt or Mitt before Palin. She is heroic in her circles, but I think it's safe to say she has pretty much become a laughingstock to the average American.

Just a thought.

Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks for the comment.

I do not think "is's safe to say" that Governor Palin has become a laughingstock. She speaks well, she promotes the work ethic and cultural values of working Americans, as far as I can see. The Democrat/media slime machine will besmirch anyone who threatens the statist agenda of the public-sector unions, the Democratic Party, and their media shills. I disagree with Governor Palin on abortion and on Education issues, but there will be time to sort these issues out later if advocates for limited government regain power. I see no likely prospect that critical issues will get a hearing from socialists of the Obama and Harry Reid stripe if the Democrats win.

The US is a big country. You could staff the entire Cabinet with qualified left-handed black female lesbians or qualified vegetarian Hispanic males. You could find many qualified people to represent the principles of federalism and markets: Speaker Gingrich, Governor Romney, Governor Palin, Representative Tancredo, Senator Thompson.

I do not agree that advocates for federalism and marklets can win the political contest if we surrender to media misrepresentation of our champions.