Advice: "Be Grateful For The Chance To Be Lost"

Five Feet of Fury linked "Best Alternative To Grad School" by Penelope Trunk. Excerpt:
...the thing that is pushing me over the edge with graduate school is that people who are thinking straight about schooling are not even considering graduate school. These people are debating if college is a rip off (here's a great discussion in New York magazine with James Altucher, a venture capitalist in NYC) And people are even debating if high school is useless (here's a great blog by Lisa Nielsen who is with the NYC Department of Education). And anyway, I'm losing interest in the debate about grad school because I'm convinced that the future belongs to home schoolers because they are self-learners.
A legislator recognized me on a downtown street yesterday. We were headed in the same direction for a ways and she asked what I thought of the last session, and specifically of education-related bills. I answered that I had not expected much from this session, and the session met my expectations. I was disappointed but not surprised that the legislature passed on the opportunity to expand homeschoolers' options. In testimony, HSTA representatives opposed bills that would have allowed homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities and most legislators voted as the HSTA instructed. You can measure how much the outlook of the average legislator must change before the legislature will address the State government's financial situation that they raided dedicated funds like the hurricane relief fund to address the budget deficit. A more accommodating attitude toward homeschoolers would reduce demands on the government's overstretched resources.

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