Invest in Education: Get a Job

In Switzerland, even though university education is free, the vast majority of students opt for a vocational training instead. Take Jonathan Bove. This spring, after he completed his three-year business training at an insurance company, the 19-year-old was hired by a telecommunications firm; his job as a customer care representative offers a starting salary of $52,000 a year, a generous annual bonus, and a four-week paid vacation – no small potatoes for the teenager who is still living at home and has no plans to move out.
Note that "after ...his three-year business training...the 19-year-old was hired...(at) $52,000 a year..." On-the-job training since age 16. It's not only college that this young man skipped. What, aside from the HSTA/HGEA/UPW cartel, blocks this path for Hawaii's young people? Parent Performance Contracting would expand the range of education options available to children and parents and reduce the taxpayers' exposure to open-ended retirement benefits for public-sector employees.

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